Reusch Goalkeeping Stories



We are delighted to announce the extension of the partnership between SSC Napoli and Reusch!

The extension of the agreement is indicative of Reusch’s commitment to supporting its ambassadors and underlines the positive, forward-thinking approach of the company despite the challenges of the current period.
We would like to thank Napoli and Meret for their continued faith and will strive to repay this by supplying top-quality products which meet the needs of professional athletes.

Thanks to our ongoing focus on innovation, Duo technology – which was developed by Reusch over 20 years ago and has long been Meret’s preferred choice – has been taken to the next level through the introduction of an innovative texture made up of small, three-dimensional dots in latex on the palm. These help to boost control and sensitivity, ensuring optimum flexibility and comfort.

We hope that our products will enable Meret and SSC Napoli as a whole to achieve big things on the pitch, moving forward.

"I’m pleased to be able to continue to wear Reusch gloves every day, from the moment you start playing, gloves are the most important piece of kit there is for any goalkeeper. I was wearing Reusch when I reached my first milestones as a professional footballer, and now I can continue to strive to achieve new objectives thanks to Reusch’s product quality and technological innovation.”
- Alex Meret

“We’re really pleased to extend our partnership with Reusch, a leading player in the sports gloves market,thanks to our unique image rights strategy, we’re able to create ad-hoc partnerships with and for our players, like this one with Alex, who is the perfect ambassador for Reusch and has always appreciated their innovative, quality-oriented approach.”

-SSC Napoli Chief International Development Officer Serena Salvione

"We’re honoured to continue our close partnership with SSC Napoli, having been impressed by the club’s professional approach over the past few seasons,it’s an honour that Alex Meret is going to continue to make a valuable contribution as one of our ambassadors. It was also a real pleasure to have the chance to personally meet the senior management team at such a prestigious club."
Reusch International S.p.A. CEO Erich Weitzmann