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Reusch is ready for the tournament

It is our honour and pleasure to inform you that Reusch will be very present during the tournament this year. This certainly represents a prideful moment for us, as well as a symbol of the hard work we carry out every day and the reflection of the outstanding results we already achieved in the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1, and many other premier leagues around the world.

Reusch athletes dominate the race.

For many years now, Reusch has had the honor to equip the world’s most successful ski pools. In fact, besides the Austrian and the Swiss Ski Association with such athletes as Marco Schwarz and Marco Odermatt, the glove specialist also equips racers of the French, Norwegian, US American, Slovenian, and Liechtenstein Ski teams, including Alexis Pinturault, Henrik Kristoffersen, Mikaela Shiffrin, Petra Vlhova, and many more.

Reusch Limitless

Reusch’s “Limitless” does not simply represent a new product line, but rather a brand-new collection going beyond the well-known Reusch Alpine skiing world. The most important activities of the collection are ski-touring, XC-country skiing, biking, hiking, and living. Nonetheless, there are a lot of models that can be utilized in different situations, hence the adjective “multifunctional” is often utilized to describe the gloves belonging to this specific collection.

Driven by our passion for sport, we dedicate our energy and expertise to the development of qualitative professional gloves.

As a worldwide operating gloves supplier with more than 85 years of experience, our actions are guided by tradition and powered by innovation. Since 1934, we have focused on transferring knowledge and experiences from the past to the present, letting our heritage guide us toward progress. On the other hand, we firmly believe in the importance of foreseeing trends and understanding customers’ needs as the real key to success. For this reason, flexibility and innovation are our most reliable allies on the way forward. Our ability to quickly react and adapt to changes is then reflected in our cutting-edge products.