As a company deeply rooted in the astonishing mountain region of the Alps and producing goods for the everyday outdoor experience, we do not only base our brand but our entire way of living on nature as main source of life, belonging and passion. In order to minimize our company’s impact on the environment and establish a more ecologically compatible business model, we are taking action  to implement sustainable processes in the entire chain of sourcing, manufacturing and distributing Reusch gloves.

Together with our partner Fokus-Zukunft we have calculated our company's
emissions and neutralized these by supporting certified climate projects around the world.


We find ourselves in the middle of a process that already started years ago.
If we look back now, we can see the shape of this path behind us, and at the same time see that there’s still a long way laying ahead of us. It is a path not walked before, but leading us to our goal of becoming more environmentally friendly, more sustainable and making our contribution to a healthier planet.

On this path some steps may be small, others may be larger. Here, we share our achievements, larger ones and smaller ones, with the intention to grow the list year by year:  

  • A substantial part of new FW21/22 models will come with a PFC free shell material. At the same time, many carry-overs will get PFC free shell materials in a running change. Small residues of PFCs may not be fully excluded during production processes; still, eliminating PFCs from CWR treatments is one of the key objectives of Reusch. 
  • Climate neutrality 2021 for emissions of scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 for the headquarter in Bolzano
  • Climate neutrality 2021 for emissions of scope 1, scope 2 and part of scope 3 for the offices and warehouse in our branch in Cernusco/Milano
  • Close to 100% of former PVC packaging material for gloves is replaced by 100% recycled, and recyclable materials
  • Close to 100% of paper packaging items will be switched to paper out of FSC certified sources in a running change
  • By innovating our order- and planning cycles we were able avoid airfreight, combine shipments and so reduce our carbon footprint substantially. We can proudly say that not one single glove of our Reusch Internationals’ FW20/21 bulk production had to be delivered by air. Right now, we are working on our sustainability report which will be published on this side in spring 2021.

Together with our partner Fokus-Zukunft we have calculated our company's emissions and neutralized them.

We support these certified
climate projects around the world:


The Baspa project is a run-of-the-river hydro-electric power plant with an installed capacity of 300 MW. The purpose of the project activity is to generate electricity using renewable hydro energy and sell it to Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB).

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The project will comprise a total of 21,298 ha of land previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle, on which forest plantations for obtaining high-value, long-lived timber products and for sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be established.

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Discover more about our taking care strategy
with our complete sustainability report.