Reusch Futu:re Mitten

Item No.: 6101444
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Selected color: 7701 black/white


The Reusch Futu:re Mitten is a special and innovative approach on sustainability! Instead of using recycled materials, this extra warm and durable mitten is 100% made of polyester to make it completely recyclable. The glove was developed in collaboration with the Start-Up Kleiderly which has developed and patented a process that can turn old textiles into an alternative material for oil-based plastic. In cooperation with Kleiderly we give customers the chance to recycle this product in a special way. The perfect glove for everybody who cares about the recycling and re-use of materials. With polyester fabrics, insulation, threads and trimmings, it highly facilitates the recycling process and gives the glove a second life after being dispensed of.

Material Composition

100% Polyester


  • PrimaLoft® Gold

Special Features

  • ThermoHoods;