Attrakt Freegel Infinity Resistor

Item No.: 5270745
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Selected color: 7700 black


The Attrakt Freegel Infinity Resistor is the perfect choice for professional goalkeeping on artificial grass. The German-made Reusch Grip Infinity latex offers maximum of durability and good grip. Due to the palm reinforcement it guarantees an even higher abrasion resistance. With its timeless design and the new Evolution Cut with Freegel backhand on neoprene base the glove is comfortable and also breathable. The padding on the outer side of the wrist and the fully elasticated cuff and high-quality neoprene strap offers even more comfort and stability.


Material Composition

47% Rubber, 34% Latex, 15% Polyester, 4% Polyamide



  • Evolution Cut ESS™


  • Freegel