Attrakt SpeedBump Strapless

Item No.: 5470079
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Selected color: 7752 black/safety yellow


The Attrakt SpeedBump Strapless guarantees unmatched grip and high abrasion resistance in all weather conditions and on every pitch surface. The SpeedBump palm features unique 3D spikes for a strong, all-weather grip, like glue. The Evolution Negative Cut provides a snug and tight fit for ultimate direct ball control. The AdaptiveFlex Closure System ensures a supported wrist with a longer cuff including an Extended Grip Zone. The Strapless design makes the glove supportive and stabilizes the wrist, while having really special and eye-catching looks. Level up your game with this glove with perfect fit and optimal stabilization.

Material Composition

52% Latex, 26% Rubber, 22% Polyester



  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Latex