Attrakt Duo Finger Support

Item No.: 5470050
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Selected color: 7739 black/gold/yellow/black


The Attrakt Duo Finger Support is a pure explosion of energy with a design of flashy contrast details. The Duo technology with 3D latex dots on the inner side of the highly grippy and tacky palm foam prevents any slipping of the hand and boosts the tactility and impact absorption for maximized ball control. Featuring an Evolution Negative Cut, this model provides a snug fit and at the same time the needed room to maximize the effect of the Duo latex. The Finger Support on all five fingers guarantees reliable cover and flexibility of all fingers.

Material Composition

46% Latex, 22% Polyester, 17% Polypropylene, 7% Polyamide, 5% Rubber, 3% Ethylene Vinylacetate



  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Latex


  • Reusch Finger Support™