Attrakt Duo Evolution

Item No.: 5470055
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Selected color: 4411 premium blue/gold/black


A highly comfortable, soft and supportive glove! The Attrakt Duo Evolution features a black Duo™ latex with 3D dots on the inside of the hand for maximum grip, control and cushioning. The Evolution Cut provides a big catching area and a very comfortable fitting. With embossed latex on the fingers and punching zone, stability is guaranteed. Our AdaptiveFlex Closure System provides flexibility as well as a supportive and tight fit around the wrist. This system adapts to the wrist thickness of each goalkeeper by using a special two-layer system that provides flexibility and stability. With the Extended Grip Zone, a wider catching area is guaranteed.

Material Composition

50% Latex, 24% Rubber, 21% Polyester, 5% Polyamide



  • Evolution Cut ESS™


  • Latex