Attrakt Aqua Windproof Ortho-Tec

Item No.: 5370458
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Selected color: 4433 true blue / gold / aqua b


A perfect style for cold, windy and wet conditions. The Attrakt Aqua Windproof Ortho-Tec is featured with the Reusch Grip Aqua. This match foam provides excellent grip in dry and especially wet weather and surface conditions thanks to its unique latex composition and our exclusive hydrograin particles. The Evolution Negative Cut provides a snug and tight fit for a super direct ball control. The Ortho-Tec finger protection with five removable spines reduces the risk of finger injuries on all five fingers. High-quality latex on the backhand offers the needed stability and impact absorption for punching.

Material Composition

36% Rubber, 32% Latex, 24% Polyamide, 5% Polypropylene, 3% Polyester



  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Neoprene


  • Ortho-Tec™ Finger & Thumb Protection