Attrakt SpeedBump Strapless AdaptiveFlex

Item No.: 5370079
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Selected color: 4016 true blue/shocking orange


The Attrakt SpeedBump Strapless AdaptiveFlex guarantees even more pitch support. The combination of the AdaptiveFlex Closure System and the Speedbump Technology with three-dimensional spikes on the surface of the professional match latex gives the keeper an increased friction between the glove and the ball for maximum grip and control as well as a supportive wrist area with a longer cuff including an extended grip zone. The strapless design makes the glove really special and eye-catching. Convince yourself of this glove with a perfect fitting and stabilization.

Material Composition

47% Latex, 34% Rubber, 19% Polyester



  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Latex