Attrakt Gold X Evolution Cut

Item No.: 5370064
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Selected color: 5555 des gren/shock orng/blck


The perfect World Cup choice for Dominik Livakovic. Not even the design of flashy contrast details that pop out of an earthy, olive base color, just like flowers blooming on sandy grounds will give Livi an explosion of energy but also the facelift of this style for more support and more precise fit. Extra latex was added on the fingers and not only on the punching zone. This super soft Black Gold X Latex on the palm guarantees maximum grip and the neoprene body with a long cuff and full strap makes the glove comfortable. Also Serbians Number One Predrag Rajkovic will play this glove.


Material Composition

53% Latex, 21% Polyester, 21% Rubber, 5% Polyamide



  • Evolution Cut ESS™


  • Latex