Reusch Goalkeeping Stories



This new technology is based on three-dimensional latex dots inside
the super tacky Grip Gold match palm foam. 
The dots are directly connected with the hand and
thus boost the ball control & tactility,
increase the impact absorption and prevent from any slipping of the hand.

A brand-new pattern of many separate latex dots replaces the wave pattern of the original Duo technology.
The individual dots massively add flexibility to reach new levels of comfort.

The new Reusch Duo combines groundbreaking technology with an innovative cut!

Strategically placed 3D latex dots on the inner side of the highly grippy Reusch Grip Gold palm foam prevent
from any slipping of the hand and boost the tactility for maximized ball control.
The brand new Slim Expanse Cut with negative stitching on the backhand
and an outer-seam construction on the palm side, provides a snug fit and
at the same time the needed room to maximize the effect of the Duo technology.

Grip I Reusch Grip Duo

Cut I Slim Expanse Cut provides a snug fit
and maximum of Duo Technology
Wrist Closure I Steady Cuff with Neoprene Full Strap and Pull Loop

Backhand I Pro Latex

Features I Duo™ Technology, Preshaped Construction,
3D Thumb Crotch, Thumb Wrap

Tested and approved by the reusch goalkeepers!

"This new 3-dimensional DUO is really smashing it!"  - (Alex Meret)


Attrakt Duo & Attrakt Duo Ortho-Tec