Reusch winter kids Gloves

When it comes to snow sports, choosing a great pair of gloves is essential whether you are an adult or a kid. It’s perhaps even more important for kids to get the best possible protection from the cold because after all, they tend to be more adventurous regardless of the extremely low temperatures.
from 15,00 € to 140,00 €
Kids love adventure and it would be unfair for them to miss out on the action and thrills of winter sports because of a lack of the essential protective gear. Reusch junior ski gloves and kids’ snowboard gloves are specifically designed to provide the best protection and support for kids. The gloves are at the high-end of the quality spectrum and they incorporate various construction patterns and materials to ensure optimal performance.
The kids’ gloves offer a high level of insulation and waterproofing. The materials used in the creation of the gloves dictate top-level comfort and insulation, which is essential for protection against any moisture and highly uncomfortable humidity. The build of the gloves is also as important as the materials used when it comes to comfort and so you will find inner cuffs in our kids’ gloves range to ensure that no snow gets into the gloves. Kids are very active and they require a pair of gloves that can withstand the wear and tear that comes from use. Using specialised construction technology and the best materials, our junior gloves are built to last. The Reusch children’s gloves collection is tactically engineered to merge protection and durability successfully.
Our boys’ and girls’ gloves are built to provide protection and they come with additional features like elastic storm leashes and adjustable wristbands. Comfort and protection are vital when it comes to selecting the best gloves, but without flexibility, kids may find themselves limited in terms of what they can do with their gloves. Flexibility and mobility are important to ensure that the kids navigate well and handle their skiing gear and snowboarding equipment without a hassle and this makes the adventure more enjoyable. At Reusch, we know that you can’t trade-off comfort and durability with flexibility and so our gloves have it all.
Kids are vibrant and their collection of gloves just wouldn’t be complete without a pop of bright colour. The children’s gloves come in various colours that the kids will adore and they are also available in different sizes to ensure that each kid gets the correct fit. If you are shopping for a pair of the best junior winter gloves, check out Reusch because nobody does it better.