Reusch Goalkeeping Kids

When it comes to goalies there’s no compromising on safety. The goalkeeper is a vital part of any football team and so only the best protection will do. It’s time to eliminate the near misses with a pair of goalie gloves that offers the best protection and support.
from 17,00 € to 90,00 €
There are no compromises when it comes to kids’ safety. At Reusch, we understand the importance of protecting junior goalies on the pitch because they are at high risk of finger injuries as they try to deflect the ball. The last thing you want is an injury that ends a kid’s career before it even really takes off. It’s important to have a pair of junior goalkeeper gloves that offer the best protection and support without forgoing comfort and flexibility. 
Using only the best and advanced glove technology, premium materials, and various glove cuts, our kids gk gloves provide maximum contact with the ball while still protecting the goalie’s hands effectively when making those vital punches and clearances. There are various types of gloves available to ensure the best performance in different types of weather and playing conditions. It’s all about catering to the needs of every junior goalkeeper by providing exceptional protection and enhancing maximum save ability and control.
A goalkeeper’s job is demanding whether it’s game day or training and it’s important to have a pair of gloves that can withstand the rigorous demands of goalkeeping. Reusch kids’ goalkeeper gloves are built with specialised construction methods and attention to detail to ensure that every junior goalkeeper can use their gloves without worrying about tears. Durability is important, together with protection and good functionality, but all these elements are inadequate if the gloves are a bad fit. Our extensive range of kids gk glove sizes ensures that no young goalkeeper will miss their chance to shine because of an ill-fitting pair of gloves.
When it comes to the perfect pair of kids’ keeper gloves, it’s not just about functionality but aesthetics as well. We are proud to have a range of quality gloves that best reflect the vibrant nature of kids. Our gloves come in various designs and colours that the kids will love. There are lots of available colour options, making it easy to find something to suit different personal preferences. When it’s time to choose the best pair of junior goalkeeper gloves, choose the pair that’s got it all. Choose Reusch.