Reusch Volcano Pro GTX Mitten + Gore warm technolo

Item No.: 6001600
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Selected color: 7700 black


Uncompromising warmth and comfort for the harshest winter conditions! This extremely warm ski glove features a super soft and puffy PrimaLoft® Down Blend insulation for all-day comfort on icy cold ski days. Combining a highly stretchable softshell upper with a supple sheepskin palm and an extra soft lining material, the Volcano guarantees unlimited  freedom of movement and an effortless hold on your ski poles. A high-quality Gore-Tex insert keeps the glove durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. Sophisticated Reusch innovations such as the patent filed Heat Capture System™, the Intelligent Heating Pocket™ and the Thermohoods™ ensure long-lasting warmth and full power against cold!

Material Composition

50% Polyamide, 15% Sheepskin, 25% Polyester, 5% Elastane, 5% Real Down


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  • GORE-TEX + Gore warm technology
  • PrimaLoft® Gold Down Blend
  • Sheepskin DD Leather
  • 4-way Softshell

Special Features

  • ThermoHoods™
  • Intelligent Heating Pocket™
  • Heat Capture System™
  • Chamber Downbag Construction
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ORTHO-TEC™ with elastic pocket This variable and effective finger protection system reduces the risk of injury. The individually removable sticks totally adapt the shape of the fingers. All fingers can grasp flexibly without restrictions and with no additional force, whereas bending the fingers backward into the injury zone is close to impossible.
DURAGUARD™ The DuraGuard™ latex patch offers extra abrasion resistance and durability in the most stressed zone of the palm.
ROLLED THUMB™ The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb nearly up to the backhand. The palm gets evidently enlarged, putting the thumb in a highly functional 3D-shape.
VENTILATION CHANNELS Strategically placed small holes in the latex gussets guarantee constant ventilation and cool hands.
Pull Loop™ Extra strong textile tab for perfect fixation of the gloves.
Elastic Strap premium strap consisting of two pieces of latex and neoprene that are connected by a highly elastic textile insert. This special material-mix guarantees a highly precise and stable festening.
3D THUMB CROTCH™ This rolled crotch construction between thumb and index finger avoids any bothering seams in this highly loaded zone of the glove, supporting an ergonomic fit and best wearing comfort.
PALM EMBOSSING Embossments following the natural lines of the hand support the natural grasping movement, providing high flexibility and maximum ball control with unaltered grip qualities.
Freegel Extremely light and durable punching zone made of silicone-like material, resulting in a very robust and at the same time highly flexible backhand.
Steady Cuff In order to stabilize the wrist, provide the highest possible wearing comfort and create a smooth look, we extended the neoprene backhand all the way to the opening and merged it with a highly elastic textile on the inner wrist side.
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HALF ROLLED THUMB The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb to maximize the grip zone and create a comfortable 3D-shape.
VENTILATION CHANNELS Strategically placed small holes in the neoprene gussets guarantee constant ventilation and cool hands.
ASYMMETRIC SLIP-ON CUFF™ WITH INTEGRATED STRAP The extension of the cuff on the outer wrist side offers additional protection when scratching the pitch surface on low dives. The integrated strap allows a snug fit around the wrist and reduces the weight of the classic full strap.
100 % INTERNAL SEAMS Every single piece of the glove is sewn together negatively in order to create the tightest and most direct fit possible, simply feeling like a natural extension of the hand.
FREEFLEX™ Designed as a complete one-piece construction made of neoprene, this tight fitting single-layer backhand construction is highly flexible and very light, offering a second skin fit.