Reusch Antibacterial UCare Neck Warmer

Item No.: 6089040
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Selected color: 7700 black


The neck warmer is made out of antimicrobial fabric that keeps each skier safe all day long. The material prevents bacterial regeneration and reproduction.

The antimicrobial fabric used in the product can efficiently and completely remove bacteria, fungi and moldon the fabric, and prevent bacterial regeneration and reproduction. In the production process, the antibacterial fabric-injection agent dyes the interior of the polyester and nylon fibres under high temperature. The antibacterial fabric-injection agent is so fixed inside the fiberand therefore also protected by the fiber, which leads to washing resistance and a reliable, wide antibacterial effect.
The antibacterial effect itself is achieved by damaging the cell wall of the bacteria: The intracellular osmotic pressure is 20-30 times higher than the extracellular osmotic pressure provided by the treatment. Therefore, the cell membrane is ruptured and the cytoplasm is leaked. This also stops the metabolic process of microorganisms and prevents the microorganisms from growing.

4-Way Strech
washable at 40°

Material Composition

  • 100% CareU Fabric