Attrakt Gold X Evolution Cut

Item No.: 5270964
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Selected color: 6006 vap gray/safy yell/deep


The Attrakt Gold X Evolution Cut is a brand new style which was developed based on the needs of our pro keepers and embodies the essence of a professional goalkeeper glove. It is featured with the Reusch Gold X latex, which offers maximum grip and stickiness. The neoprene backhand with latex punching zone offers the needed stability and impact absorption for punching. A long elastic cuff and the full neoprene strap makes the glove even more comfortable and stable. The amazing Evolution Cut characterized by a large catching area and high wearing comfort provides a direct and tight fit for a super ball control. 


Material Composition

44% Latex, 32% Rubber, 19% Polyester, 5% Polyamide



  • Evolution Cut ESS™


  • Latex