Pure Contact SpeedBump

Item No.: 5170000
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Selected color: 2001 safet yellow/dp blue/whit


Pure Contact SpeedBump guarantees a second-skin fit, maximum friction and unlimited ball controlBased on the tacky Reusch Grip Gold latex, the 3D SpeedBump technology guarantees a glue-like touch, maximum all-weather grip and reliable abrasion resistance. Compared to plain latex surfaces, the 3D-shape of the SpeedBump™ spikes boosts the friction between the glove and the ball for best grip and control. The Pure Contact glove construction features a neoprene Freeflex backhand with snug fitting Evolution Negative Cut, a shorter cuff with integrated strap.flexibility of all fingers.

Material Composition

55% Latex, 38% Rubber, 4% Polyester, 3% Polyamide



  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Neoprene