Pure Contact 3 G3 SpeedBump

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Combining a second skin fit with the innovative G3 SpeedBump™ latex technology!
Thanks to a radical material-reduction to one only layer on the backhand and one layer on the palm, the hands of the goalkeeper have never been closer to the ball as with the Reusch Pure Contact goalkeeper glove. Designed as a complete one-piece construction, the FreeFlex™ backhand turns the Pure Contact into our lightest professional glove ever, simply fitting like a second skin. The highly innovative G3 SpeedBump™ palm foam guarantees maximum grip. Compared to regular plain surfaces, this three-dimensionally structured latex offers increased friction between the glove and the ball. More friction leads to higher control and ultimately to a better grip sensation. The geometrically placed SpeedBump™ elements additionally provide the goalkeeper with extra tactility and sensibility in contact with the ball.

Material Composition

52% Latex, 42% Rubber, 3% Polyamide, 3% Polyester


G3 SpeedBump


  • Evolution Negative Cut ESS™


  • Neoprene
SpeedBump Technologies
G3 SpeedBump™ A completely renewed latex pattern with sharper and higher SpeedBump™ spikes ensures even more friction and tactility for professional performances between the sticks. Based on the super tacky G3 Ultra Soft palm foam, this three-dimensional latex guarantees maximum all-weather grip and reliable abrasion resistance. Compared to traditional plain latex surfaces, the 3D-shape offers increased friction between the glove and the ball for best grip and control.