Attrakt Gold X Alpha

Item No.: 5260954
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Selected color: 2001 safet yellow/dp blue/whit


The Reusch Attrakt Gold X Alpha is a highly comfortable glove with premium materials, super soft and grippy Gold X Latex, and an appealing yellow and blue design. Based on the exclusive Reusch Grip Gold formula, adhesive particles were added to the German-made latex, granting a superior grip and an unmatched performance. The glove features the new Alpha cut, born from the fusion of the smooth & clean backhand look of the negative cut styles with the maximized comfort and performance provided by the Evolution Cut on the palm side. The glove features a premium neoprene backhand with a latex punching zone and a long elastic cuff with a neoprene strap.

Material Composition

46% Latex, 28% Rubber, 21% Polyester, 5% Polyamide



  • Alpha Cut


  • Latex