Pure Contact Fusion

Item No.: 5470900
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Selected color: 4848 premi blu/electr oran/blc


Second-skin fit, lightness and grip are the essence of the Pure Contact Line. Thanks to its Reusch Grip Fusion latex, keepers playing with this glove have premium grip in all conditions. Ball control is further enhanced by the Hybrid Negative Cut, a negative cut construction with wrapped latex around the index finger and pinkie for an enlarged catching area where it is most effective. A tight fitting layer of neoprene which extends to the wrist area guarantees a snug fit. The steady cuff and full-elastic strap made of a latex-neoprene combination stabilize the wrist.

Material Composition

55% Latex, 28% Rubber, 11% Polyester, 5% Polyamide, 1% Polyurethane



  • Hybrid Negative Cut


  • Neoprene