Fit Control Pro G3 SpeedBump Evolution Ortho-Tec

Item No.: 3970978
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Selected color: 704 black / lime green


Experience perfect fit, uncompromising protection and the never-seen-before G3 SpeedBump™ latex technology!
Engineered for superior performances, this professional goalkeeper glove features the whole range of proven Reusch technologies. The five individually removable Ortho-Tec™ protection sticks prevent painful finger injuries, as they allow all fingers to grasp flexibly without restrictions while impeding the fingers to bend backward into the injury zone.
As a revolutionary innovation on the glove market, the brand new G3 SpeedBump™ palm foam guarantees maximum grip. Compared to regular plain surfaces, this three-dimensionally structured latex offers increased friction between the glove and the ball. More friction leads to higher control and ultimately to a better grip sensation. The geometrically placed SpeedBump™ elements additionally provide the goalkeeper with extra tactility and sensibility in contact with the ball.
Expect something you have never experienced before!


Material Composition

42% Latex, 23% Polyester, 18% Polypropylene, 14% Polyamide, 3% Rubber

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