Fit Control Pro G3 Ortho-Tec

Item No.: 3970950
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Selected color: 583 lime/safety yellow/lime


Designed for perfect fit. Engineered for superior performance.
Ultimate grip, brand new colors, updated technologies and the most precise fit ever turn Fit Control into the number one glove choice for more than 220 professional goalkeepers all over the world, such as Hugo Lloris or Wojciech Szczesny. The G3 Ultra Soft is the Reusch palm foam with the best grip properties of all times, great cushioning and improved resistance. Special adhesive additives make the latex extremely tacky. Ultimate grip properties in dry conditions and very good wet-weather performances turn this palm foam into the first choice for professional goalkeeping on natural grass. The variable and effective Ortho-Tec™ finger protection system reduces the risk of injury. The individually removable sticks totally adapt the shape of the fingers. All fingers can grasp flexibly without restrictions and with no additional force, whereas bending the fingers backward into the injury zone is close to impossible. Maximum grip, maximum stickiness, maximum power!


Material Composition

41% Latex, 25% Polyester, 18% Polypropylene, 14% Polyamide, 2% Ethylenevinylacetate