Fit Control Pro AX2 Ortho-Tec

Item No.: 3970450
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Selected color: 121 white/aqua blue/aqua blue


For an exceptional non-slip grip in the rain!
Step into the future with these Reusch Fit Control goalkeeper gloves, offering updated technologies and a super precise fit. Thanks to the revolutionary Hydrograins™, the extremely soft AX2 HYDRO GRIP is our palm foam with the best grip in wet conditions of all times. Activated by warm water, these thermo granulates boost the grip properties in wet conditions to a new level. The Durabond™ Technology increases the abrasion resistance due to special additives strengthening the structure of the latex mixture and so making it absolutely suitable to be used on natural grass as well as on artificial grounds. The variable and effective Ortho-Tec™ finger protection system reduces the risk of injury. The individually removable sticks totally adapt the shape of the fingers. All fingers can grasp flexibly without restrictions and with no additional force, whereas bending the fingers backward into the injury zone is close to impossible.


Material Composition

62% Latex, 30% Polyester, 5% Polyamide, 3% Ethylenevinylacetate