Fit Control Freegel S1

Item No.: 3970205
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Selected color: 700 black


Defy the rules of gravity with this super light, flexible and resistant Reusch Fit Control FreeGel MX2 goalkeeper glove. With the revolutionary FreeGel™, the glove offers an extremely flexible, light and durable punching zone, which was directly injected into the glove’s backhand. A ground-breaking innovation that results in an extremely durable yet at the same time highly flexible backhand, perfectly fulfilling the demands of modern goalkeepers. As its name implies, the S1 Super Soft is one of our softest palm foams, delivering very good results in terms of grip and cushioning as well as reliable abrasion resistance when used on natural grass. Thanks to the Evolution Negative Cut the latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area. An inner-seam construction in the lower finger parts offers an extremely tight, soft, flexible and ergonomic fit.


Material Composition

55% Latex, 40% Rubber, 3% Polyester, 2% Polyamide