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Attrakt Technology

Be The One with the brand new Attrakt goalkeeper gloves.

Step into the future with Attrakt! Ultimate grip, unique technologies and the most precise fit ever turn Attrakt into the first choice for more than 220 professional goalkeepers all over the world, such as Lloris, Szczęsny, Handanovič and Meret.
Pull Loop™ Extra strong textile tab for perfect fixation of the gloves.
ORTHO-TEC™ This variable and effective finger protection system reduces the risk of injury. The individually removable sticks totally adapt the shape of the fingers. All fingers can grasp flexibly without restrictions and with no additional force, whereas bending the fingers backward into the injury zone is close to impossible.
ERGONOMIC SUPPORT SYSTEM ESS™ The anatomical shape of the glove and the pre-spreaded fingers enhance the glove’s wearing comfort and support a natural catching position. The palm latex covering the side of the palm area nearly to the backhand provides an optimized fit. It can either be “Rolled” on the small finger side or “Dual Rolled” on both small finger and index finger side.
FINGER SUPPORT™ The light version of our finger protection technology equips all protection styles of the entry price segment. It is firmly fixed and increases the stabilization of the fingers.
SHOCKSHIELD™ ADVANCED This one-piece punching zone on the backhand of the glove provides the goalkeeper with more safety, advanced protection and better ball control.
ROLLED THUMB™ The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb nearly up to the backhand. The palm gets evidently enlarged, putting the thumb in a highly functional 3D-shape.
AIRVENTSYSTEM™ Provides maximum ventilation inside the glove. Highly breathable mesh material ensures optimum air circulation within the glove.
PRO FLEX™ A horizontal 4-way stretch insert keeps the backhand extremely flexible in all directions.
KEEP CONTROL™ The upper third of the pinky finger sidewall is covered with palm latex. This prevents the ball from slipping and enhances the control when throwing it.
EXPANDED FINGER TIPS EFT™ Maximizing the palm around the finger tips ensures the biggest possible latex-to-ball contact area and so guarantees an even better control when catching the ball.
ERGONOMIC PALM EMBOSSING Embossments following the natural lines of the hand support the natural grasping movement, providing high flexibility and maximum ball control with unaltered grip qualities.
3D THUMB CROTCH™ This rolled crotch construction between thumb and index finger avoids any bothering seams in this highly loaded zone of the glove, supporting an ergonomic fit and best wearing comfort.
DURAGUARD™ The DuraGuard™ latex patch offers extra abrasion resistance and durability in the most stressed zone of the palm.

Pure Contact Technology

Revolutionize your game with our lightest and most flexible goalkeeper glove line ever!


Our premium palm foams guarantee maximum performance for all weather conditions and pitch surfaces.


By combining innovative materials we created our lightest professional goalkeeper glove line ever.


The snug fitting and extremely flexible one-piece FreeFlexTM backhand provides a pure second skin feel.


Light and perforated upper materials guarantee unlimited air circulation and constant ventilation.

Pure Contact 3 Technologies
FREEFLEX™ Designed as a complete one-piece construction made of neoprene, this tight fitting single-layer backhand construction is highly flexible and very light, offering a second skin fit.
ASYMMETRIC SLIP-ON CUFF™ WITH INTEGRATED STRAP The extension of the cuff on the outer wrist side offers additional protection when scratching the pitch surface on low dives. The integrated strap allows a snug fit around the wrist and reduces the weight of the classic full strap.
100 % INTERNAL SEAMS Every single piece of the glove is sewn together negatively in order to create the tightest and most direct fit possible, simply feeling like a natural extension of the hand.
EXTENDED LOWER PALM AREA™ The expansion of the palm latex all the way to the cuff significantly enlarges the latex-to-ball contact zone for optimized grip.
HALF ROLLED THUMB The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb to maximize the grip zone and create a comfortable 3D-shape.
VENTILATION CHANNELS Strategically placed small holes in the neoprene gussets guarantee constant ventilation and cool hands.

SpeedBump Technology

Discover the second generation of the revolutionary G3 SpeedBump™ latex, featuring an updated technology for increased performance and maximum grip.
SpeedBump Technologies
G3 SpeedBump™ A completely renewed latex pattern with sharper and higher SpeedBump™ spikes ensures even more friction and tactility for professional performances between the sticks. Based on the super tacky G3 Ultra Soft palm foam, this three-dimensional latex guarantees maximum all-weather grip and reliable abrasion resistance. Compared to traditional plain latex surfaces, the 3D-shape offers increased friction between the glove and the ball for best grip and control.

Glove Cuts

The cut decides about the ball control, the catching ability and the wearing comfort of a goalkeeper glove. Reusch offers five finger cuts with very distinctive characteristics in order to satisfy all different needs and tastes.
Expanse Cut
Evolution Cut
Evolution Negative Cut
Negative Cut
Expanse Cut
Outer seams enlarge the palm surface of this flat cut and so increase the latex-to-ball contact area.
Evolution Cut
The latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area. An outer-seam construction in the lower finger parts offers an ergonomic fit, breathability, softness and flexibility.
Evolution Negative Cut
Negatively-stitched version of the Evolution Cut. The latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area. An inner-seam construction in the lower finger parts offers an extremely tight, soft, flexible and ergonomic fit.
Negative Cut
This inner-seam construction is characterized by a very tight fit, generating great tactility and outstanding ball control.
The latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingers, providing the largest possible catching area.